Music City Hypnotherapy is dedicated to making sure that the people of Nashville understand that hypnosis is an easy and natural process that can make you feel fantastic, if not change everything about how you live your life.  For that reason, I’ve decided to make a few quick videos where I go out on the streets of Nashville, or any other city I find myself in, and show how easy and fun the experience can be.  If through hypnosis I can give a few suggestions that can lead to a warm feeling and a smile on a cold and noisy day, imagine what a hypnotherapy session or a regular self-hypnosis practice could do for you!


The first video is of a street performer who expressed interest in what we were filming about.  When I told him that I use hypnosis to help people, he got really excited and started bragging to me about all the things he had been doing lately to improve his life and his health.  When I asked him if he wanted to have a quick hypnotic experience, he wanted to be sure that I wasn’t going to drug him.  After I explained what was about to take place, he got a little more comfortable, and I dropped him into trance with a quick hand-drop induction.


When I’m working with someone that I need in a deep trance quickly, sometimes I like to bypass the long, progressive induction into hypnosis.  When you startle the mind into a heightened state, the brain  quickly switches gears.  The mind becomes overwhelmed and begs for relief.  So when I yell, “Sleep! Deeper… deeper… deeper…” your unconscious is happy to comply.  In the interest of full disclosure, this doesn’t work for everyone all the time.  I usually wouldn’t use this method with a client until after they have experienced a progressive induction, but for the sake of a quick demonstration, it works well enough.


After this street performer dropped into trance, he came back out for a little bit, which was great because it enabled me to fractionate.  Fractionation is when you bring someone out of trance, and then back down into trance causing him or her to reach a deeper state faster.  Supposedly, the more you fractionate, the more the subject’s mind gets used to being taken in and out of trance, which makes them easier to work with.  As soon as his head rested on his guitar, his mind went somewhere else.  He went from bragging and joking around with us to brutal introspection:  “I’ve never been happy.”  Then it dawned on him that happiness had manifested right under his nose and it came in the form of his guitar.  Once he came out of hypnosis, he was inspired to get right back to rocking out.  He seemed to have a ton of fun.


This next subject I met as a group of people was pouring out of a van.  In a group of people this size, you’re bound to find that one person who is a bit of a clown or who is up for anything.  That person will often be your best hypnosis subject.  However, the more I began to speak to this young lady, I noticed that she was a little nervous or excited, so I had to be a little more gentle in my approach with her.


The street noise was almost over-whelming, and that’s why I had to talk directly into her ear.  For the sake of these exercises, I didn’t want to make anyone do anything too crazy.  Some people just want to know what it’s like, so I oblige them by showing how simple it is.  With her, I just bombarded her mind with pleasant ideas.  When she came out, the trance followed her with a lovely smile.

I’m going to be making a more videos of hypnosis soon.   I already have a few projects on the drawling board.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for others.