I wanted to take a chance to address the Music City directly.  I’m incredibly happy to live here, because while Tennessee is still ranked 4th in obesity, I see more and more businesses and infrastructure being designed with making Nashville a healthier place.  I felt it would be a disservice to my clients to not give a few suggestions as to how to take advantage of what this city has to offer their health journeys.


These ideas are simply based on my observations of trends and recommendations of what has worked for my friends and clients.  I do not recommend any one of these ideas, but rather a combination of these suggestions.  Pick and choose what works for you.  Just make sure that your health plans have variety and that they are consistent and fun.  At the end of the day, you’re going to need to find your own structure, because you aren’t setting out to lose weight.  You’re setting out to adapt a healthy lifestyle.  Please send me your additions to this list.  I am always looking for suggestions to pass on to others. 


Initiatives like Walk/Bike Nashville have been progressively making the city of Nashville more commuter friendly.  This city is riddled with bike paths that are a joy to discover.  If you were to do a quick Google search, you could learn a lot about proper bike gear for commuters and how to plan your day regarding traffic and cleanliness.  You could test out the idea one day by renting a B-cycle and touring the city for an afternoon.  If biking isn’t your thing, you may be able to run to work.  Be sure to check out running groups in town like Hill Runners, East Nasty, and Nolensville Running Club.  Any decent running store or bike store will have recommended group runs or rides.

Utilize parks and greenways.

This relates to what I mentioned in commuting, but it’s worth repeating.  If you aren’t taking advantage of Nashville’s beautiful parks or greenways, you’re missing out.  Percy Warner Park is a stunning place to hike, and Shelby Bottoms Green Way goes for miles and miles.  Don’t forget to check out the activities that Shelby Bottoms Nature Center hosts.  You could bike, skate, walk your dog, or run these awesome trails.  Play beach volleyball while over-looking the Parthenon at Centennial Park.  Check out Nashville Parks and Recreation for more ideas.

Eat quality and local food.

Not only is it good to support farmers who are close, you will be healthier to know more about the quality of food that you are receiving.  Check out your local farmers markets.  You never know what you may learn about what makes honey nutritious or the effect organic soap has on your health until you are talking to the people who made it themselves.  Be sure to check out restaurants in town that value the same principles like Star Bagel.  Just remember to be mindful of portion sizes.

Get a membership to a climbing gym or yoga studio.

I’m noticing these activities growing in popularity.  Climbing gyms are a fun way to learn to use your body, and they usually have workout options aside from a climbing wall too.  Yoga has also been shown to strengthen your core, increase your balance, and reduce stress.  If you are looking to free yourself from weight, I recommend more intensive classes such as Power Yoga at Hot Yoga Plus.

Get your head right.

Often times we forget that the weight that piled on tells a story about how you handle stress or how you’re impulsive or how you’re lazy or how you’re sick.  Whatever you issue/s may be, your body can’t do anything that your mind won’t allow.  If your body has been behaving inappropriately, you should get more in touch with your mind.  Many have had success with getting motivated by the numerous trainers in town, and support groups like Weight Watchers have changed so many lives.  Of course I’m biased, but I have to recommend hypnosis above all else.  It is as simple as it is satisfying to learn to go inside your mind for the sake of reframing your unconscious.  I believe that it can be so effective in controlling your eating and motivating you to exercise that I want everyone to know about it. 

As always, I am eager to help you accomplish your goals.  I want everyone in the city of Nashville to know that hypnosis can help you release weight.  So as always, whether it be for a consultation, a referral, or a treatment plan, I am at your service