Nashville's Cruella LaVelle getting the job done

Nashville's Cruella LaVelle getting the job done

Halloween weekend, the Nashville Rollergirls hosted the 2014 WFTDA International Championships, and the best roller derby girls from all over the world showed up to compete for first.  As soon as I saw the track, I couldn’t help but since a trance-like enthusiasm lingering in the atmosphere (maybe it’s all of the skating in circles).  But as I began to pay closer attention to these outstanding athletes, I couldn’t help but notice the state of minds in which they played.  As a hypnotist, I couldn’t help but notice that the players who dominated the most were those who seemed to be the most in the zone, so to speak. 


If you know much about my philosophy on hypnosis, I should explain to you that I believe that the hypnotic experience transcends a formally inducted hypnotherapeutic session.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I currently find myself in a nice state of trance as I write this post.  As I observed these skaters throw themselves in almost Zen-like states, I became inspired to share the benefits of self-hypnosis for athletes, whether you’re a rollergirl or a recreational golfer.


Predicts your outcome

When I was in high school, I was on the wrestling team.  Every night before a match, I would fall asleep thinking about how I was going to wrestle the next day.  That way, when it came time for me to perform, I knew that every aspect of that match, from setting up my first move to having my hand lifted in the air in victory, was up to me.


We perform better athletically when we can see or even feel our success coming.  If all you do is imagine making a fool out of yourself or getting destroyed by your opponent, your unconscious will happily fulfill that prophecy for you.  However, if all you see is victory on the horizon, not only will you be ready to actualize your potential, you may do so free from debilitating nervousness.


Puts you in the zone

You may be able to tell a good athlete by how he or she walks across the room.  It may manifest by a subtle look in his or her eye that isn’t present when that person isn’t competing.  Something about the way the athlete carries him/herself says, “I might as well be the only one here” or “It’s time for me to take care of business.”


Supposedly, Muhammad Ali used to imagine there was a camera on every corner of the boxing ring.  That way, he could see in his mind’s eye his opponent’s movements before they were made.  Similar techniques may be utilized depending on your sport of choice.  Maybe you need to visualize the exact trajectory for your ball or bullet to travel.  You could even use hypnotic techniques to change your very perception of time and be better equipped to plan your next move.  These techniques are simply based on your ability to teach your brain a different way, and they can be mastered by anyone who is willing to practice. 


Utilizes your energy

Finally, the hypnotic aspect of hypnosis that when applied right can almost make you feel super-human: the ability to utilize your energy.  Sometimes performing to your greatest potential may be a matter of using the right muscles in the right way at the right time.  Sometimes performing to your greatest potential is a matter of your ability to relax.


One example where we may be able to see this as important is as it may apply to martial arts.  Anyone who has been taught how to throw a punch knows that the energy and motion of the punch begins with your contact with the ground, moves through your body, and doesn’t end until it goes through your opponent.  You could easily apply this concept to endurance sports as well.  If you are running a marathon, you need to be sure that you have good posture, your upper-body is relaxed, and your breathing is steady and rhythmic.


Self-hypnosis concentrated on all of these topics and may be helpful for making anyone into the best athlete s/he can be.  It’s important to remember that the trance doesn’t have to end when you open your eyes.  Keeping the trance going can make your dreams become reality.