The Hypnodog enjoying the changing season.

Seasonal Affective Disorder used to be in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a mood disorder.  It was a diagnosis that was meant to describe a pattern of mood changes that corresponded with the seasons.  Later, doctors and psychologists determined that it was too common of an issue to be classified as a mood disorder.


So we may all feel from time to time that we are getting a case of the seasonal blues.  Now that the weather is changing, you want to prepare for those cold mornings when you’ll have to muster some extra motivation for getting out of your warm bed.  Because the sun is starting to go away sooner, here are a few suggestions for keeping your days bright.


5 Ways to Keep Spirits High as Temperatures Begin to Drop


5.  Drink plenty of water.

It’s pretty easy to remember to stay hydrated when you’re sweating through the hot months.  It is important to remember to drink during the cold months as well.  We all know that the cold dries out the air.  In addition to helping with most of your body’s functions and regenerative processes, hydration will help with the look and feel of your skin.  Look good.  Feel good.


4.  Bundle up and go outside.

Going outside can raise your vitamin D levels, elevate your mood, and may even improve your concentration.  If the sunny days are limited, don’t take them for granted.  Although the air may be a little dry, it’s still fresh.  Staying cooped up and inside may lead you to feeling like a prisoner.  Fight back, equipped with a good jacket or even a bonfire and a few friends.  If you still find the cold unbearable, you may want to look into Light Therapy.


3.  Take a class.

The cold months may keep us inside and under-stimulated.  It’s important to get out into the world and to remember that learning is always fun.  Take that martial arts class you were always curious about.  Maybe you could make some friends while learning to cook exotic foods.  Learning will build self-esteem and taking a class will help you step outside yourself socially as well.


2.  Exercise.

In addition to causing us to hibernate, the cold also leads us to dawning a winter coat.  The holidays are always celebrated with total gluttony, and it’s not like anyone has a beach body on their mind.  Food can be something that comforts you during the cold, but if you’re going to enjoy it, you better work for it.  Go for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner bike ride, or request for your stocking to be stuffed with a gym membership card.  If you want to feel good, you’ll be needing those endorphins.


1.  Start a self-hypnosis or meditation practice.

If you are going to cuddle up and get cozy, you might as well take a moment to go inside your mind.  Self-hypnosis may improve concentration, but it could also increase your motivation.  Also, hypnosis is a useful tool for fighting depression that may surface for many during the holidays as well as the bitter cold.  The trick is remembering to be consistent with your practice and intentional about how you treat yourself.


Don’t wait until the messy winter gets here to start these practices.  Allow the transformation of the leaves this season to inspire you to get out and transform into the best you now.  If you decide you need help getting started or finding the right direction, don’t hesitate to reach out to Music City Hypnotherapy.