I have to confess, I am a fan of Russell Brand.  The man is very multi-talented.  However, what draws me to the actor/comedian/singer/writer/now political commentator is his gravitation towards ideas that reflect higher consciousness.  You see, Brand attributes much of his success in recovery from drugs and alcohol to transcendental meditation, a practice that closely parallels hypnosis or self-hypnosis.  In fact, Brand is one of the spokesmen for the David Lynch foundation, a foundation started by film director David Lynch for the sake of spreading awareness of the positive effects of transcendental meditation.

Lately, Russell Brand has been getting a ton of attention on YouTube and other channels of social media.  However, this attention hasn’t been given to him because of his reputation as a philanderer or even because of a new silly movie he’s in.  Attention he’s been given has recently been based around matters of higher consciousness, so to speak.  In fact, brand’s current world tour is called Messiah Complex, and it covers the historic and social influence of Che Guevara, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Hitler.  The idea of some of these characters being mentioned within the context of a comedy routine may be offensive to many.  However, I count myself among many who would expect to find some prophetic insight behind his eloquent whimsy. 

Last week, a BBC interview between Brand and Jeremy Paxman was posted on YouTube.  During this interview, Paxman discusses Brand’s qualifications to work as an editor of a political magazine (The New Statesman), and he criticizes Brand for not voting.  Brand responds by passionately and eloquently calling for a revolution, stating that our current systems have broadened the differentiation between the rich and the poor, caused serious harm to the planet, and neglected the needs of the people.  He goes on to suggest that encouraging this society to vote is exacerbating the complacency that enables the powerful to continue their acquisition of power.  This interview has had over 10 million views on YouTube.  For better or for worse, the man has struck a nerve.

Now, I am simply paraphrasing my interpretation of Brand’s creed, and I do not wish to speak for the man.  However, through studying his philosophy by listening to him in other interviews, stand up routines, and presentations, I would deduce that what he is looking for is a shift in consciousness on a global scale that will spark a revolution in the way people think as well as how we are governed.  Brand has said before, “It’s time to wake up.” 

My call is not so much to the masses as it is to the individuals:

Today, take some time to reflect on your place in this world in which we live.  Decide where your entitlements lie and how the world should be for you, your loved ones, and humanity.  Be willing to criticize your influences as well as your authorities.  Finally, evaluate how much of a voice and how many liberties you really have through respecting the constructs that are currently in place. 

When you come to realize that you aren’t getting what you are entitled to as a human being, figure out how to take what is yours.  Figure out how to fight for what is yours.  But I believe that Brand would agree that the first revolution has to start within.  Before we can change the world around us, we have to be willing to search for inner-peace and be willing to connect to those around us.  Only then, will we have the ability to make change for the betterment of mankind.

This idea of a “Global Shift in Consciousness” is certainly not a new one, and I’ll be posting about that shift in weeks to come.  My intention is not to use this blog as a political platform as much as a humanistic forum.  I welcome any insights, ideas, and criticisms.